Tree risk management

Whether at home or in the workplace, we are all duty-bound to consider the safety of others.

With trees, and despite the risk they pose is being very low, the "duty of care" requires tree owners to:

  • have large trees near people or property regularly checked by a competent person; and
  • to control risks to public safety where necessary

TreeConsultants.Wales help our clients discharge their duty of care in a balanced and proportionate way. This approach, recommended in the HSE endorsed publication Common Sense Risk Management of Trees (National Tree Safety Group 2011); is robustly defendable and delivered through our TreeAssured scheme.

  • TreeAssured is a tree safety management process structured to provide clients of all sizes with complete peace of mind. The scheme provides:
  • A strategy led system for managing tree risk with policies, procedures & guidance
  • Simplified, cost-effective survey and data collection procedures
  • Easy, time-saving reporting of relevant information
  • Specific & detailed work instructions, enabling clients to get 'like for like' quotes where necessary
  • Automated reminders of work requirements and survey renewals
  • On-going support between formal surveys
  • Instructions & information to hand on what to do in the event of an emergency/tree-related incident
  • Transfers the burden of responsibility from our clients to us, as the advising experts

The scheme is tailored to the, often unique, needs of our clients and their trees, ensuring it is always a reasonable and proportionate response to the risk posed by their trees.

We have the added advantage of owning specialist and sophisticated tree inspection equipment, including the Resistograph and AirSpade. The equipment enables us to carry out detailed investigations, confirm the presence of hidden problems and analyse timber strength losses. Having this equipment at our disposal keeps costs to a minimum, saves time and provides essential information for us to make well-informed risk management decisions.

To discuss your needs, please contact us, we’ll happily provide you with free and impartial initial advice without any obligation.