Tree risk management

Whether at home or in the workplace, we all have a duty to consider the safety of others.

With trees, the 'duty of care' places a responsibility on tree owners to have trees near people or property periodically checked by a competent person and to act when their trees pose a danger.

At TreeConsultants.Wales, we help our clients discharge their duty of care in a balanced and proportionate way, an approach recommended in Common Sense Risk Management of Trees (National Tree Safety Group 2011) and endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

TreeConsultants.Wales deliver tree risk management through our TreeAssured scheme, which provides a simple and defensible system for compliance.  Our TreeAssured scheme includes the following benefits:

  • Tree safety management strategies, policies and procedures to suit the individual needs of our clients.
  • Simplified data collection procedures.
  • Recording and reporting of only relevant information.
  • Detailed work recommendations with annotated photographs, enabling clients to obtain 'like for like' quotes where necessary.
  • Automatic email reminders of survey renewals and work requirements.
  • On-going access to expert support and advice.

By transferring the burden of responsibility to us, our TreeAssured clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that tree safety on their property is being managed appropriately.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss tree risk management in more detail.  We are happy to provide free and impartial initial advice without any obligation.