Protected trees

A tree preservation order (TPO) is an order made by a local planning authority to protect individual trees, tree groups or woodlands. With limited exceptions, owners must not carry out, or cause or permit the carrying out of, works to protected trees without the written consent of the local authority. Similar but more generic restrictions apply to trees growing within a conservation area. The protection aims to preserve local amenity and landscape character.

If work to a protected tree is required, for example, because its condition has deteriorated, or it has outgrown its context, TreeConsultants.Wales can:

  • prepare and submit an application to gain consent to undertake work proposed to a tree protected by a preservation order, or serve a Section 211 notice for trees growing within a designated conservation area
  • prepare and submit an appeal against - 
    • the refusal of consent to undertake works to a protected tree;
    • the conditions attached to such a consent;
    • the non-determination of an application; or
    • the serving of a tree replacement notice (TRN)

For new tree preservation orders, we can:

  • prepare and submit an objection to the imposition of a tree preservation order. Note: to be submitted within 28 days of the serving of a new order