About TreeConsultants.Wales

TreeWorks (West Wales) Ltd. was incorporated in 2002 by Paul Cleaver, following the growth of his tree surgery business founded seven years earlier. Paul founded the company to provide tree owners and their trees with a higher standard of care than was available in Pembrokeshire at the time.

"Going above and beyond to care for trees and our customers" proved extremely popular and from 1995 – 2019 TreeWorks led the advancement of arboriculture in Southwest Wales. During this time, TreeWorks became one of the first of only a few Welsh tree companies to achieve and maintain the coveted accreditation of Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor.

Continuous studies placed Paul in a position to provide his customers with the very best up-to-date advice. This position drove demand for Paul's Arboricultural Consultancy service, and the practice is currently responsible for tree safety on over 700 sites throughout Wales.

To better serve our consultancy customers, TreeWorks (West Wales) Ltd. ceased its practical tree surgery activities in September 2019.

Trading as TreeConsultants.Wales, Paul and his team of qualified professionals continue to "go above and beyond" to provide a friendly, efficient service using the latest research and technology.